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Life Cycle Management

Retinue Technology Solutions provides a full range of ITAD and Lifecycle Management Services.  We specialize in the environmentally responsible e-waste recycling and reuse of retired electronic equipment, with core business processes in risk management, logistics, asset management, asset repair and refurbishment, data destruction, remarketing and recycling.

In addition, our onsite service offerings give you flexibility to select the best mix of services to meet your requirements. Whether you need onsite data erasure and/or drive destruction on a location by location basis – or even on a pickup by pickup basis – we’ll work with you to ensure program success.

Secure Data Erasure and Drive Destruction

Retinue Technology Solutions offers data erasure and drive destruction services onsite at your facility or after secure transport to one of our locations. Whichever you choose, we ensure sensitive data is permanently erased from your IT assets using certified erasure software – or the assets themselves are destroyed– and provide serialized verification reports.

Chain of Custody Management

We track and manage every asset. From receipt through processing and disposition, our software and management system provide process control, oversight, and a complete, auditable chain-of-custody through a single system.

Logistics Services

We offer an array of logistics options to suit your requirements.  We follow explicit packing standards to protect assets from damage during transport, and our dedicated trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS to ensure secure delivery. We count each asset by type and list them on the Bill of Lading, collecting a customer signature prior to departure to start chain-of-custody tracking.

De-Installation and Asset Removal

Our trained onsite service technicians are available to perform hardware de-installations and onsite serialized audits for office and data center environments.  Whether the hardware is on the loading dock or still in racks, our techs will come to your site to inventory, pack and ship your equipment to one of our facilities for processing.

Asset Tracking, Asset Management and Procurement

Retinue Technology Solutions offers Asset Management and Procurement services to manage assets that need to be replaced to keep your business moving forward. We can handle all life-cycle management details, from inventory tracking to asset configuration to integration into your network.

Once we enter all your assets into our database our procurement specialists review your inventory to identify what items you’ll need and when. We can also let you know which aging assets are in the pipeline and recommend specific replacements that will integrate seamlessly into your IT. When you are ready, we can buy the new assets on your behalf through our certified partnerships with hardware manufacturers, have your items shipped to our facility so we can configure them to meet your network’s specific requirements and install your new assets wherever, whenever they’re needed. Also, as part of our service, we can keep some spare assets at our facility just in case something goes wrong.

We also provide transparent tracking for every end of life asset. Once assets arrive at one of our secure facilities, each asset is audited, then monitored throughout the disposition process.

Our trained technicians remove all client-identifying marks and labels and erase data from every data-bearing device that wasn’t already erased prior to pickup. Assets are processed with return value. Clients receive a detailed Audit Report at the end of this step.

Refurbish, Reuse, Remarket

We maximize your return. Assets that have residual market value are tested, graded and refurbished for resale. Retinue Technology Solutions resells functional assets via multiple retail, direct and wholesale channels for maximum value recovery.


Retinue Technology Solutions responsibly recycles assets that no longer have residual value. First, all drives and other data-bearing devices are removed and shredded to ensure complete data destruction. Our recycling processes are compliant with local, state, federal and international regulations surrounding e-waste handling and certified to the highest environmental standards. 

As an R2 compliant recycler, our processes and downstream partners are audited annually to ensure ethical and compliant recycling.


Our R2 Certified Recycling Facility:

7 Delta Dr.

Londonderry, NH 03053

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