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Comprehensive Smart Hands is a Retinue Technology Solutions service that offers you the ability to extend the reach of your IT staff. Retinue’s Comprehensive Smart Hands program provides a wide range of on-site services to help your business maximize up-time and focus on core business operations. With our support, you can focus on delivering high quality IT and network services while we maintain the up-time of your hardware.

Our teams are highly experienced in providing support to businesses who operate in a Data Center environment as well as supporting remote offices and retail locations. This means that we can be there at the times your team can’t, or the times when it wouldn’t make sense logistically or financially to send key personnel to your other strategic locations.

Retinue technicians can provide everything from front-line support to freeing up your key IT personnel to work on other projects within your business. We understand that sometimes there will be more than one ‘priority project’ and so ensuring you have knowledgeable professionals available to cover all your key maintenance, installation and upgrades can make the difference between a good year and a great year for your business.

Retinue Technology Solutions offers an a la carte set of services to match the needs of your organization.  Whether you have a one time project or an ongoing need for support, we can provide you with the best solution.

Smart Hands

  • Colocation equipment management

  • Incoming and outgoing shipment management

  • Rack and Stack

  • Firewall Setup

  • Cable Configuration

  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting

  • Circuit Testing

  • Execution of client-provided instructions

Remote Hands

  • Equipment Status Check

  • Power Cycling

  • Eyes on equipment with phone/chat support

Smart Hands

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