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Reduce Costs While Improving Efficiency

Retinue Technology Solutions provides services for companies to manage their datacenter footprint during ongoing technology transformation projects. Retinue has experience that includes working with businesses and major cloud companies to provide periodic decommissioning of older data center equipment. In addition, we work with businesses who are closing down corporate data centers as work moves to the cloud.


We provide both on-site software-based data destruction and on-site hard drive shredding.  We also provide complete resale and recycling services for retired data center equipment. Throughout the entire decommissioning process, Retinue provides complete project management to ensure client success from start to finish.

Types of Datacenter Decommissioning Projects

  • Cage Cleanout

  • Shut down of internal datacenter

  • Equipment Decommissioning

  • Full Room/Facility Decommissioning to bare floor/walls

Capabilities and Services

  • Equipment un-racking

  • Infrastructure Removal

  • Wire Removal

  • Data Destruction

  • Asset Value Recovery

  • Recycling



Retinue Technology Solutions has the experience to handle datacenter decommissioning's of all types and sizes.  Our team has been involved with decommissioning projects throughout the North America, Europe and Asia.  With expertise in both the decommissioning process along with logistics and project management, we can get your datacenter decommissioned quickly, safely and on schedule and budget.

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