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Retinue Technology Solutions is a small business based about 20 minutes south of Boston in Walpole, MA.  We are led by a team of dedicated professionals who have experience in a variety of areas related to the services we offer, such as project management, IT hardware installation and maintenance, cloud migration, managed services, data compliance and environmental compliance.  Together with our employees and partners, we make up a team of individuals who are familiar with the special skills required to operate in both the datacenter environment and in today's digital workplace.  We have years of experience, from working on simple small-scale decommissioning’s to major, time sensitive, critical relocations involving shutdown, transport, installation, wiring and power up along with daily management of our workplace technology services.

While we spend much of our time in the datacenter, we also enjoy getting far away from the hum of the fans and glare of the lighting.  You can find our team members out in the wild going on hikes, sampling a flight at a brewery, or even participating in a challenging obstacle race.


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